Hi! I'm Chris Armstrong.
I love connecting, growing, and leading passionate people to work on solving impactful problems.

I'm the VP of Engineering at Deis, and lead the amazing engineering organization as it builds the Deis PaaS and Helm, a package manager for Kubernetes.
In a previous life, I built The Resumator and recruited an engineering team to join me. I had a blast!
Another adventure saw me supporting production infrastructure at Socrata.

Occasionally, I speak about things. Even more occasionally, people listen.
I'm speaking at Distributed Matters Barcelona about Deis and distributed systems it leverages. I recently spoke at Ceph Days SF 2015. One time, I also spoke at Alpha Lab about Jurassic Park and scaling web infrastructure.

When I'm not thinking about the open-source community, startups, or cloud infrastructure, I love to:
Fly as a private pilot. Sip soothing tea. Drink delicious beer. Play great board games.